About us

Our Story

In 1987 three friends got together with a vision of the ideal security patrol service. We were all working in the industry and shared a mutual frustration in the lack of integrity and training that was common in the trade.  We were being asked to handle a large amount of clients, spread out over a great distance, without enough time on the shift to actually perform the needed patrols. In hope of following our vision, Chris, Wendy and I decided to start our own company.  We started Pacific West Patrol on the simple foundation of serving a smaller geographic area using properly trained and equipped officers.  Officers dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients, and be an example to our industry.  I feel Pacific West Patrol has achieved these goals by selecting clientele only within our area of coverage and providing an effective patrol service at a price to meet the fiduciary needs of our clients.  Pacific West Patrol has been providing this service in South Orange County for 23 years. As for the three friends they have remained close to this day. Chris was tapped by CSUF to develop and implement a Community Service Officer (CSO) program that is still a great success to this day. He then served as a police officer until he transferred to a large and diverse police department in Orange County. Chris is still watchful of the company he helped create and is a consultant for Pacific West Patrol. Wendy and Joe were married in 1991 and she continues to work with the company in the office and occasionally still getting out into the field.  As for me, I still enjoy working in the field and meeting the people who live in our communities.